About us



Costas Petrou SA is one of the most dynamic and innovative European manufacturers of Corian based spa equipment and furniture.

In today’s competitive marketplace, keeping pace with change is not enough: a true leader must make change happen. Feral is synonymous with innovation quality & diversity. Since 2007, when it was first presented as a ground breaking approach in the SPA design industry. The collection includes:

Manicure and Pedicure systems with integrated technologies but also customized solutions to meet your individual needs.

Costas Petrou SA made research and development a priority. Time and again, our engineers and designers have set industry standards with the finest in spa equipment. From our superbly designed and streamlined aesthetic furniture to our specialized state-of-the-art equipment, we have always remained a step ahead of the competition – delivering the quality, reliability and cutting-edge technology you have come to expect.

Our commitment to the highest quality standards is confirmed by our RoHS and CE certifications ensuring that our Feral series meets the strictest quality and safety standards.

We are constantly re-evaluating proven methods, techniques and equipment with an eye to ongoing improvement. Whether we are fine-tuning a part, engineering a new product, or planning a training seminar, we pay close attention to every detail. Just like our furniture, which combines rigorous design functionality with aesthetic appeal, Feral stands for innovation quality & diversity.

Highest qualityFacilities

Development of Feral series in order to ensure the highest quality is not just a statement, it is a mission and a commitment to customers that Costas Petrou has been delivering upon since the company was founded.

By virtue of our company owned factory we control all production runs, costs and lead times – able to prioritize projects along with the shifting needs of our customers.

RoHS certificationCertification

Feral Spa systems conform with CE standards and our company is currently in the process of obtaining the RoHS certification.

Service DepartmentMaintenance and After Sales Support

Feral spa systems require minimal care to keep clean and sanitized. A maintenance manual accompanies the systems while our Service Department is always at your disposal in order to answer any questions or inquiries you may have All system parts and components are available at any time through our Service Department.

Product quality warrantyWarranty

All Feral systems are made of acrylic materials and are covered by 10 year product quality warranty.