Nail Salon


Shop Details
Location: Rodos, Greece
Year: 2017

Pedicure Spa Basins
Workstations: 3
Model: Vinyl Spa
Material: Vinyl
Color: White
Add-ons: Ozone therapy system, Hydrospa, Led Chromotherapy
Adjustable Footrest

Pedicure Armchairs
Model: Boss

Manicure Desks
Workstations: 6
Model: Unit
Material: Corian
Color: Glacier White
Add-ons: Ozone system with Finger Bowl, Led Chromotherapy
Integrated LED UV Lamps with cooling system
Dust Extractor 700m³/h with filters
Integrated Nail Drill Controller: Feral Electronics ST1 100W
Nail Drill Handpiece: Marathon SDE-SH20N 30.000rpm 2,7 Ncm